Greenway Self Park

December 22, 2010

River North, Illinois, United States

In 2009, the Greenway Self Park was constructed to meet the growing demand for parking in the River North area of Chicago. The environment-conscious design techniques used in the architecture and construction make the Greenway Self Park Chicago’s first and only earth-friendly parking garage. Greenway Self Park features green elements such as wind turbines to provide power to the building and variable glass channel spacing on the structures facade to eliminate the need for energy intensive forced air ventilation systems. Greenway Self Park also supports energy efficient vehicles such as electric cars and includes a room to store bicycles. The structure provides a leading example of the importance of sustainable design in all areas of architecture. The contractor, FE Moran, chose to install the Victaulic FireLock NXT® 768 Device because it was the most cost-effective option and provided for more efficient installation times. In fact, the garage’s fourteen dry sprinkler systems are assembled with only Victaulic fire protection products, including sprinkler heads, Series 768 FireLock NXT valves, FireLock fittings, and FireLock EZ® Style 009 installation-ready rigid couplings. FE Moran attributed a five minute savings per pipe joint to the Style 009 couplings, affording significant cost savings on the project overall.

BG Chemie

Heidelberg, Germany

BG Chemie (Die Berufsgenossenschaft der chemischen Industrie) from Heidelberg is the union for companies in chemical and related industries. The BG Chemie building required a retro fit to its copper cooling lines that could be installed without the use of flames. The contractor Fa. Kauffer & Co. Rhein Neckar, chose Victaulic copper mechanical piping products because of their flame-free installation as well as their ability to provide a sustainable and reliable cooling system. Victaulic also provided the contractor with the VicBlocks software packages for AutoCAD and provided onsite project coordination. Using the Victaulic mechanical piping system saved the contractor a full week of work with a team of 10 workers.

SAS Headquarters

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When SAS, the world’s largest privately held software company, officially unveiled its new corporate headquarters just east of Toronto’s Financial District, the facility became Toronto’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) registered commercial building. The Victaulic grooved piping system, with its proven ability to significantly contribute to sustainable building design and the LEED points process, was the obvious choice for this project. Coupled with a strong Victaulic commitment to green building design, innovative products such as the 3-piece Koil-Kit™ were installed on 76 terminal coils for speed of installation and labour savings.

Urban Outfitters Headquarters

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

When fashion retailer Urban Outfitters outgrew its former headquarters, the company needed a new facility that could support its expectations of doubling its business within five years. Having selected an existing structure at the Philadelphia Naval Yard to repurpose, Urban Outfitters began renovating immediately upon signing the deal. Faced with the need to compress schedules and reduce project calendar days, the contractor chose Victaulic piping systems for their speed, reliability and flexibility as well as Victaulic project management services such as targeted on site delivery and bagged and tagged material to reduce jobsite handling. Through this combination of efficient products and services, Victaulic contributed significantly to the meeting of a highly accelerated renovation schedule. The center piece of the new Urban Outfitters headquarters campus is a glass enclosed mechanical room for heating and cooling systems. The mechanical room features many innovative Victaulic products including the Advanced Groove System (AGS™) for large diameter piping systems.

Alberici Headquarters

Overland, Missouri, United States

Alberici Constructors built their new headquarters in Overland, Missouri with green building in mind. The LEED Platinum certified building was under a fasttrack design/build schedule and needed an innovative grooved piping solution for the building’s unique underfloor HVAC system and the chilled and hot water systems for the building’s air distribution. Victaulic was selected because of the innovative design flexibility offered by grooved mechanical pipe joining. Overall, Victaulic was used in the mechanical rooms, the air distribution plenum and the air handling system. The piping was joined with Victaulic Style 07 ZeroFlex rigid couplings, Vic-300 MasterSeal™ butterfly valves, and Tour & Andersson balancing valves on the system’s six air handling units.

Taipei 101 Financial Center

Taipei, Taiwan

As one of the world’s largest buildings, Taipei 101 had special needs that could only be accommodated using the Victaulic grooved system. Constructed in an active seismic zone, Taipei the natural choice for this challenging project.Financial Center needed a piping system that matched its ability to withstand the strongest earthquake in a 2500 year cycle. Victaulic was specified and installed for all the HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems. The grooved system’s unique ability to accommodate seismic movement made it the natural choice for this challenging project.

Sustainability of grooved piping systems featured in Plumbing & Mechanical online

December 21, 2010

Plumbing & Mechanical Online posted a contributed article by Erick Bacher, engineering specialist at Victaulic, highlighting the sustainability of grooved piping. In addition to describing how grooved mechanical piping can help structures reduce environmental impact, Bacher also explains that the resulting long-term efficiency and maintainability of grooved piping systems continues to pay dividends over the life of the building.

100 percent green technology, Victaulic Vortex, featured in Fire Protection Contractor (FPC) Magazine

Fire Protection Contractor (FPC) featured a case study on North American Stainless’ (NAS) installment of the Victaulic Vortex™ Fire Suppression System, a 100 percent green technology, for the company’s new steel pickling lines. Victaulic Vortex™ met NAS’s specialized fire protection requirements for a number of reasons: ability to protect sensitive motors and controls without using large quantities of water, effectiveness in corrosive environments, open-space effectiveness, minimum facility downtime because of quick system re-charge, design, flexibility for future facility expansion, and ease of maintenance.