Victaulic meeting industry
certification standards worldwide

Victaulic understands the importance of meeting industry standards for green buildings is a global effort. Taking an active role in Green Building Councils and other organizations is pivotal to understanding and promoting sustainability around the world.

Numerous Victaulic sales engineers are certified in sustainable practices in their local regions. The businesses to the left are all organizations that Victaulic sales specialist partner with to assist their clients in applying green building principles in their projects. Contact Victaulic for information on specifying products in your project.

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Victaulic products
may contribute to meeting
global sustainability standards
in the following categories:

Sustainable Sites:
  • Reduced construction site footprint and overall waste reduction due to pre-fabrication, bagging & tagging of materials and coordinated shipments to job site.
Energy & Atmosphere:
  • Reduced electricity consumption and noxious fumes during installation and maintenance by eliminating welding.
Materials & Resources:
  • Victaulic products are made of 90 percent recycled materials.
  • Victaulic manufacturing and distribution locations are close to the markets served.
Materials & Resources:
  • Victaulic products reduce emissions of particulate matter that have a harmful effect on the atmosphere during construction and maintenance.
  • Victaulic products eliminate hazardous fumes associated with other joining methods, such as welding or brazing, during maintenance work in occupied spaces.
Innovation in Design:
  • Victaulic invests heavily in research and development of new products that have a beneficial impact on the environment.
  • Victaulic construction techniques minimize waste and impact on the environment.