Improved operating efficiencies
That eliminate & reduce cost

Mechanical pipe joining systems provide an optimal way to effectively and easily maintain piping systems in structures, thereby discouraging deferred maintenance, thus promoting operating efficiencies and, ultimately, saving money.

Easy System Access Leads to
Efficient and Timely Maintenance

  • For access to a grooved piping system, a maintenance person simply loosens the two coupling bolts. Grooved piping systems also can be installed wet or dry to speed the maintenance process.

No-Flame Allows for
Maintenance in Occupied Spaces

  • Mechanical pipe joining systems are a safe alternative for maintaining piping systems in specialty facilities where open flames could potentially create a hazardous environment, and there is no disruption to business productivity due to downtime.

Zero Incremental
Electrical Energy Required

  • There’s no need for electricity and no draw on the power grid. Welding or soldering can use up to 4,000 watts per hour on an eight-inch joint. Grooved mechanical joints use none.

Union at Every Joint
Maximizes Flexibility

  • Operating efficiencies can be maintained during retrofit work, and systems can remain live because properly placed butterfly valves provide “dead-end” shutoff service for isolation. Retrofit projects can be completed in occupied buildings without having to vacate the space because mechanical grooved piping re-work does not negatively affect indoor air quality or introduce a fire hazard.

Reduced downtime

  • Mechanical systems are more efficient than welded during both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance reducing downtime by an average of 25 percent. During expansion projects and retrofits, using grooved piping, existing piping systems are easily re-routed and kept in operation while new systems are put in place, increasing on-site safety and minimizing lost productivity.