Sustainability Brochure
Sustainability Brochure
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Victaulic products significantly reduce or eliminate
waste, emissions and noise pollution during installation

During installation and maintenance activities, mechanical grooved piping systems significantly reduce or eliminate waste, emissions and noise pollution on the jobsite providing a safer and healthier environment. Grooved systems employ a proven roll grooving process to join piping, valves and other components. Using a simple two-bolt coupling design, pipe fitters can make rugged, secure joints quickly and easily using only basic hand tools. And with a union at every joint, they have maximum flexibility for on-site decision making. All couplings are sealed for optimum integrity with a durable elastomeric gasket designed to withstand years of sustained high compressive and cyclical loads.

View the Victaulic Grooved Joint vs. Welded Pipe Joint Video on YouTube >

Reduced emissions for a cleaner atmosphere

Victaulic is a partner who shares in your commitment to environmental responsibility, with roots in sustainability that run more than 80 years deep. Victaulic products are made from natural and recycled resources, and they eliminate waste, emissions and noise while maximizing energy efficiency. We focus on providing sustainable solutions at every stage – from research & development, product manufacturing, system installation and efficient operations through the life of a building.