THE Triple bottom line:

100% Energy Efficient Installation of Victaulic couplings requires zero electrical energy

The installation of a grooved coupling on prepared pipe does not require any incremental electrical energy to install as compared to other pipe joining methods such as welding and soldering. A typical 4”, schedule 40 carbon steel arc welded joint consumes 5 KW of electrical energy with an estimated 25 percent waste during the installation process. A 4” Victaulic coupling is installed by tightening two nuts and bolts with a hand ratchet.

Case in Point: Saving over 123,000 KW of electricity

A recent project requiring 1,105 butt welds on Schedule 40 pipe in sizes 10” through 24” would have required 123,227 KW of energy to be consumed for a total cost of $7,886.51. Factoring in a 25 percent KW waste on welded joints equals a loss of $1971.63 and 30,807 KW on this job alone.

Using grooved saved this single project the equivalent amount of electricity consumed by 130 average homes in 1 month And the wasted electricity would have equaled the amount of electricity consumed by 33 average homes in 1 month.