A Legacy of sustainable products

As the world leader in mechanical piping systems, Victaulic has set the standard for piping efficiencies, engineering expertise and performance reliability creating a sustainable piping system that lasts the life of the buildings where they are installed. The innovative products designed and manufactured by Victaulic are inherently sustainable and offer design solutions that reduce the impact on our environment.

Victaulic Couplings Successfully Pass Independent Seismic Testing Program

The inherent flexibility of Victaulic couplings reduces the transmission of stresses throughout the pipe system, and the resilient gasket aids to further reduce the transmission of vibration. These design features enable Victaulic piping systems to withstand seismic events and keep systems operational.

Victaulic couplings were tested at the ATLSS center, a member of the nationally recognized NEES (Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulations) testing group, to prove the reliability of Victaulic grooved system components when exposed to seismic movements. Victaulic couplings ranging in size from 4”-16” (100 - 400mm) were exposed to accelerations up to 50% greater than the Northridge, California earthquake. The water-filled assemblies were pressurized to 200psi/1375 kPa for the duration of all tests and no pressure loss or leakage was noted during any of the tests.

Design solutions that reduce the impact on our environment:

  • Superior sound attenuation benefits
  • Seismic capabilities to maintain piping systemintegrity during seismic events
  • Adaptable products that can be easily retrofitted on any building
  • No flame required therefore reducing waste and toxic fumes
  • More efficient water flow and higher values to increase operating efficiencies
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